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Back to Basics, but not becoming 'Basic' in the process...

I am done with the qualms of society rather he or she thinks it or not... I do not care. I have longevity and grossing money that I cannot even see builds a sort of nectar that makes you fill tight in the pants.

Always the question of rather it should be bros before hos or these hos are my daughters...

well I'm not your boy! I have circled back to 13. I think I might even wear some eyeliner of course the make up YSL.

Funny? No ones laughing I have built more than what has been asked of me and I ain't never been no silly ho. Waiting for anyone's calls. Like them others want you... they want me.

Before I go off to a TLC tangent, if your tired of me talking about the group well say that to them being the biggest American female group. No worries, will be back in time rather it be here or there, everything is TLC related. I am a route to find the Creator, so we can +create- to find out where we can improve just for giggles as at this point looking at the internet is child's play. Everything, I mean everything came to affiliation something among everything fansites have started.

Luckily, a Google affiliate granted my wish. Reciepts queen? Here. I. Am. I'm horny as fuck, man that boy in that picture got a dong. Hhaaha. What are we to expect? I'm going to break the fourth digital wall something that I have searched and hoped that would be done, but has not everyone is sort of in entrapment and it's the readers fault. Unless, you know HTML, photoshop, and a webdeveloper hardship you would know why I would make this a business. I'm hungry!

Grasping the idea that what people think of you is nonsense. Now I come to realize that it can anyone someone you know for a day, or whisk away if they have your best interest at heart. They will never float away.

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