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I did not quite think I would reach this age but now that I am I love it. Although, the title makes me think of Adele's "30" album my favorite song is track 3. I'm sorry if this post will become one that will become a sad one for to be quite honest as perfect as I looked upon the outside. The figment of everyone else imagination I did not know what I was planning to accomplish because at the age of late 19. Wait, is Adele planning my life? I did not even think of dreamt of 25, so no excuses for me being quite shaky at this age. I would not have it any kind of way though.

I did not know that gays thought giving blow jobs was optional. "You got to lick it before you stick it, but that's just me" - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes

I do not wish I knew I would live this long as the credibility just would not be the same. Ya know? Get ready for the ride of your life on

I refuse to back down anymore. I figure out that I would bring this one to you first as the "Man with 100 Websites" I still do not know how this will turn out, but I know when I fall... the better I get up!

I am already adoring my 30s so much just three months in a lot of things I have to stop doing caring about what people think about me in a way that does not harm me most importantly, stand my ground when feasible, and know-how and when to have fun!

I'm not your boy! Was I first person to ever take a selfie. Hmmm...

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